Welcome to the Eat Your Words Kitchen!

We are excited to share the delicious way we are changing the way students are learning to read while playing with food.


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Eat Your Words Learning Tools

Eat Well. Read Well.

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Early Literacy Curriculum

What We Do

Develop Skills

Using Snack Cards and Felt Food students play and practice skills in reading, math, and practical life.

Train Teachers

Teacher Pantry is a Center-based Professional Development for educators to explore and implement lessons and instruction from the student perspective.

Assist Parents

Book Cook Playdates are 1-hour Interactive read-alouds. Families use all their senses to engage with books and each other.

Eat Your Words:

  • makes connections through experiences
  • teaches that words and books serve an important purpose in daily life
  • we prepare students, teachers, and parents to be and develop good readers and life learners
  • we create experiences to foster connections
  • we provide opportunities to consume good food and books



Our Team

Carla Briggs |Chef Educator

Chef Carla Briggs is the creator and founder of Eat Your Words Learning Tools in New Orleans, LA. She is a chef, certified educator, and known for her desire to create equality in education and food literacy.


Chef Carla has served in varying leadership capacities with faith- based and non-profit agencies in the New Orleans Area She is passionate about seeing students and families authentically live out their Faith through reading and knowing God’s Word. She has knowledge and experience in education, hospitality, and community development.

She currently creates programming and learning tools that intersection with food, literacy, and faith.

Carla graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI with a B.AS. in Baking and Pastry Arts. She holds an M.A. in Teaching with honors from Xavier University of Louisiana.

As an honored member of Kappa Delta Pi and NAEYC, Carla supports, develops and engages with national educators to ensure that developmentally appropriated education is delivered across the country.